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Mother Nature


Helping You Stay Healthy

 Herbal Teas

Organic Tea

Chamomile Tea #1046

Additional Information: Organic Chamomile Tea Flowers and Leaves

Chamomile Loose Tea Net Wt, 1.8 oz

Organic Tea

Sweet Dreams Loose Tea #1084

Additional Information: Chamomile, roses, peppermint, fennel seeds, skullcap

Sweet Dreams Loose Tea Net Wt. 1.9 oz

Organic Tea

Whimsical Loose Tea

Additional Information: Organic lemongrass, rosehips, roses, spearmint, peppermint, gingko, oatstraw

Whimsical Loose Tea Net Wt. 1.9 oz

Organic Tea

Tranquillity Loose Tea

Additional Information: organic

Tranquillity Loose Tea Net Wt. 1.9 oz

Organic Tea

Harmony Loose Tea

Additional Information: Organic lemon verbana, jasmine, rosehips, roses, peppermint, ginger. 

Harmony Loose Tea Net Wt. 1.9 oz

Organic Tea

Organic Zesty Chai Tea #1044

Additional Information: Organic ginger root, cassia cinnamon chips, red rooibos tea, cardamom pods and hulled seed, cloves and nutmeg powder. 

Zesty Chai Net Wt. 1 oz Tin

Organic Tea

 Winter Spice Tea #1041

Additional Information: Organic eleuthero root, cassia cinnamon chips, roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory root, licorice root, cardamom seeds, and cloves. 

Winter Spice 1 oz Tin

Try Our Organic Bath and Body Products!

Cherry Lane Organics offers a variety of organic handcrafted soaps and other bath and body products that will help smooth and revitalize your skin. Check out the list below to see what we offer.

    • Organic Bars
    • Liquid Soaps
    • Sugar Scrubs
    • Bath Salts
    • Bath Bombs
    • Body Butters
    • Lotions
    • Cupcake Soaps

Whether you need a gift-worthy giveaway or you want to switch to a healthier alternative to commercially produced soap, we are the store for you. Our products are available to customers in Garden City, Michigan and other areas nationwide. Additionally, we offer holiday promotions and discounts. Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more.

Mother Earth Natural Teas